Your Dream Doodle Awaits At Hidden Road Doodles

Got A Good One

We found Hidden Road Doodles in a Google search for standard bernedoodles. Once we found the standard bernedoodle we liked, we called and spoke with the Miller’s. We drove to Baltic, OH from Virginia in early July and met Henry, his wife and their children when we met Mousse (formerly Marco). We brought one of our other dogs with us to make sure she would like Mousse. We spent some time at their farm making sure that we were getting a dog that would get along with our other dogs. Mousse came home with us the next day. We drove back to Virginia and Mousse traveled very well in the car. We immediately started to train Mousse to be a therapy dog. Mousse gets along with not only our dogs, but every dog and person that he comes in contact with. He’s very sociable. Mousse is very smart and learns quickly. He understands all of his commands. He is a very laid back dog. He enjoys snuggling as well as playing fetch and going swimming. He fits in perfectly with our family. We are blessed to have found Hidden Road Doodles and Henry and his family to have adopted Mousse. When we are ready for our next dog, we would absolutely consider getting another dog from Hidden Road Doodles.

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