Your Dream Doodle Awaits At Hidden Road Doodles

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If you are looking for a reliable, healthy, cutest little doodle, look no further!


I can’t express how delighted we are with our experience at Hidden Road Doodles. We were initially recommended by a friend, and from good expectations, it turned into something truly exceptional. They went above and beyond to accommodate us, even keeping Rainey for an extra two weeks while we were on a trip.

Our pup, Rainey, is now 3 months old and has been in perfect health since day one. We had her checked by the vet, and there are absolutely no issues. She’s not just healthy; she’s unbelievably cute. Check out the pics for proof!

But it’s not just her looks; Rainey’s personality is outstanding. She’s playful, energetic, and adores people. Moreover, she’s incredibly smart. She’s crate trained, nearly fully potty trained in just two weeks, and even knows how to ring a bell to go outside to potty. She’s mastered sitting and laying down too.

The process was a breeze, and the price is very reasonable. Henry and Furry Trails made sure she was delivered right to our door, saving us all the heavy lifting. Henry was quick to respond to our requests for more pictures and videos of Rainey before her arrival.

In short, this has been a 5/5 experience, and I can’t recommend Hidden Road Doodles enough to friends and family. They’ve made Rainey the best thing that’s happened to us, and for that, we’re extremely grateful. Thank you, Henry and your family!

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